Irritated with Adobe

Why oh why oh WHY does Adobe not have any version of ADE available for Linux??? It makes no sense at all. Honestly, this wouldn’t be a major issue, just run it in Wine, but the installation process for getting it to work in Wine was… painful, to say the least.

In case you’re wondering, that’s why I was a bit late in writing this post. Adobe is stupid.

First day of uni

Other than that, I’m fairly okay. Today I had my first day of uni, and it was a maths tutorial. As it turned out, the tutor I’ve been given for this term is the tutor I had last year for calculus in the second semester! What a bizarre coincidence.

Bit of a short one today, as I need to get some sleep fairly soon. I have to be awake at stupid o’clock in order to get to uni in time tomorrow (arrrrg) so I want to get some sleep soon. I managed to not eat so much today! Actually drank water, for example. There’s a first. Self-care: it’s good.

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