Mmm, toast is good.

Gender studies

So I had my first lecture for my gender studies course today. Irritatingly, due to stupid amounts of traffic, I didn’t get there until half an hour after it began, which was a bit embarrassing. However, I have since caught up what I missed on the lecture recordings, so that’s all cool.

One interesting point the lecturer brought up is that “gender” is often used as a synonym for “women”. I was a bit skeptical at first, but then I realised that I was kind of in an example of that? Gender studies is often referred to as a synonym for women’s studies, and the lecturer actually went over the history of how the class was referred to. It was a really fascinating insight.

Also, a fair amount of what we’ll be discussing involves trans stuff, as well as understanding gender from the perspective of non-Western cultures, so that’s going to be veeery interesting.


It rained a lot today. I think that’s why the traffic was so bad, because people in Sydney have no fuckin’ clue how to drive in the rain. On the plus side, apparently an awful lot of rain went into the Warragamba dam catchment areas, so hopefully we’ll get to see the dam filling up a bunch over the week. Perhaps the drought is over?

Eating healthy

I didn’t do a greaaat job of eating healthily today. Mostly I blame this on the fact that, as I was entering uni, I saw people handing out free cans of Pepsi, and I took a couple. That kinda spiralled into me not eating amazingly well today, but what can you do, I suppose?

The correct answer is to hate yourself about it, but attempt to hide those feelings, and write whining blog posts blaming everyone and everything for your personal failings. I’m a bit tired, though.

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