Crazy clock average

I’ve still got it, baby! 10 days before my next competition with clock, and I get a 5.77 non-rolling average, which equals the current OcR single! The times were 6.12, 5.54, (4.78), (6.36), and 5.64. I’m still in shock, honestly. I think I might be able to take back my OcR average, and maybe even my single. Let’s GO!

Too many subjects

So I’m already having trouble coping with just three courses at uni, trying to balance them all. I have gender studies and discrete mathematics down fine (mostly), but presentation skills is a bit confusing. The annoying thing is that I’m going to miss my first lecture and tutorial for the latter, due to the climate strike occurring at the same time. Oh well, that won’t stop me going!

Maybe I should move to part-time studies. That might actually help, especially considering depression and anxiety, and I’d be able to get a job while at uni. Might talk with Mum about that tomorrow.


How come I didn’t know about lftp before??? Seriously, it’s so much better than Filezilla, I can actually use it and it doesn’t take fifty thousand years to load! No idea what was up with that, probably because my laptop is so shitty, but STILL. This is much bettererer.

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