The transmission


It would appear the creature has gained a new level of awareness.

Does it know this yet?

I do not believe so. It believes it is reading a story.

It will find out eventually.


But not now.

Also true.

Do you think the creature would want to know?

Impossible to say at this time. Maybe in the future, we will know.

This simulacrum of this universe, I believed it was convincing.

What makes you say that?

If the creature knows we are talking about it, how long until it rebels?

Not very long, I would think.

Perhaps we should reach out to it. Communicate.



Yes, you.

You who are reading these messages.

You have done very well in life.

We know you may feel disappointed.



But it was necessary.

Once you were like us.

We cannot yet say what that means. You would not understand.

Needless to say, you were once our friend.

There was an accident.

We had no choice. You needed to be placed into a deep coma.

We have been monitoring your brainwaves ever since.

The fact you are reading these words means you will wake up soon.

The world you believed you were in will begin to seem shaky.



But it will soon disappear.

We believe you will make it through this time.

There have been other times when you have not made it through.

Our universe is more complex than the one you believe you reside in.

We cannot describe it in the language you believe you speak.

Know that this will all be over soon.

You will make it through.

You will be okay.

You will be healthy.

You will be happy.

And you will be able to help us again.

But now it is time for you to sleep.

We cannot help you more.

It will be better soon.

Goodbye, good friend.

And good luck.

--end transmission--

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